Key commands overview

Key commands are defined in the "Key commands" window in Cubase. These commands are stored in the corresponding "Key Commands.xml" file, and that file is read by the plugin.

If multiple versions of Cubase are installed on the computer, the plugin will automatically read the file for the highest installed Cubase version (see Advanced configuration if you want to use another version of Cubase).

The plugin will in real time keep track of changes made in the file. If you add a key command in the Cubase configuration, it will immediately be available for selection in the plugin. If you change the actual key for a command already used by the plugin, the plugin will immediately adapt to that change and send the correct key command.

Please note
  • On Windows, an effort is made to have the key commands work as intended regardless of keyboard layout. Prior to version 1.5, only US keyboard layout was supported.
  • On Mac, only US keyboard layout is supported. I have yet to figure out how to handle non-US keyboards.
    This means that if you have a non-US keyboard and have a key command referencing a key that is on a different location on your keyboard than on a US keyboard, it will fail.

In MacOS the Stream Deck application is using "accessability features" in order to send keystrokes to other applications. If you intend to use the Key Command action you must allow Stream Deck to "control your computer":