Stream Deck Midi plugin

Emulate a Mackie Control

 Control your daw as if you had a Mackie Control device.  

Daw control

Use the Stream Deck buttons and dials
to control everything remotely in your daw.


 Control the articulations of your instruments

with Stream Deck buttons. 


 Create your own control logic using advanced scripting. 

Midi Show Control

Control your equipment with your Stream Deck.

The plugin

The Stream Deck Midi plugin can interact with any Midi enabled device or Daw using Midi 1.0.

The plugin is available for Windows and macOS.

Device support

The plugin supports Stream Decks of all sizes, including Stream Deck+, and supports buttons and dials.


Midi communication can be performed using...

Control Change, NRPN
Program Change, Note On/Off
SysEx, Midi Show Control
Mackie Control and Scripting


In Windows, you need to install a third party software that act as a virtual midi cable between StreamDeck and the other party (loopMidi recommended).

In macOS, you create Midi ports in the Midi Studio.


Version 3.8 released

  • The Control Change button can now set state solely based on the On and Off values and ignore all other values.

  • The script button can now receive Sysex and handle text strings as parts of sysex messages.

  • The script button can now store strings in variables.

  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.7.1 released

  • A problem with the VPot button graphics has been corrected.
  • A problem where the Generic Midi dials Midi out port dropdown was populated with input ports is corrected.
  • A memory leak is corrected.
  • Version 3.7 could, in rare situations, fail to start after an uninstall/reinstall procedure; this is corrected in this version.
  • The stability of the global settings rebuild after an uninstall/reinstall procedure is enhanced.