ASCII table

The following table includes all character codes that can be used in a sysex message and deciphered using the @e_sysextext variable.

The first column contains "non-printable" characters, and I'd say the only "safe" use of codes from that column is 0A - line feed; use that code if you need to separate texts on multiple lines.

HexChar (non-printable)HexCharHexCharHexChar
00NUL (null) 20SPACE 40@60`
01SOH (start of heading) 21! 41A61a
02STX (start of text) 22" 42B62b
03ETX (end of text) 23# 43C63c
04EOT (end of transmission) 24$ 44D64d
05ENQ (enquiry) 25% 45E65e
06ACK (acknowledge) 26& 46F66f
07BEL (bell) 27' 47G67g
08BS (backspace) 28( 48H68h
09TAB (horizontal tab) 29) 49I69i
0ALF (NL line feed, new line) 2A* 4AJ6Aj
0BVT (vertical tab) 2B+ 4BK6Bk
0CFF (NP form feed, new page) 2C, 4CL6Cl
0DCR (carriage return) 2D- 4DM6Dm
0ESO (shift out) 2E. 4EN6En
0FSI (shift in) 2F/ 4FO6Fo
10DLE (data link escape) 300 50P70p
11DC1 (device control 1) 311 51Q71q
12DC2 (device control 2) 322 52R72r
13DC3 (device control 3) 333 53S73s
14DC4 (device control 4) 344 54T74t
15NAK (negative acknowledge) 355 55U75u
16SYN (synchronous idle) 366 56V76v
17ETB (end of trans. block) 377 57W77w
18CAN (cancel) 388 58X78x
19EM (end of medium) 399 59Y79y
1ASUB (substitute) 3A: 5AZ7Az
1BESC (escape) 3B; 5B[7B{
1CFS (file separator) 3C< 5C\7C|
1DGS (group separator) 3D= 5D]7D}
1ERS (record separator) 3E> 5E^7E~
1FUS (unit separator) 3F? 5F_7FDEL
Please note

There is something called "Extended ASCII", a table with 128 additional characters with the value range (hexadecimal) from 80-FF. These characters can not be used in a sysex message since sysex doesn't allow values over 7F.