Articulation files

Articulation files are used to populate dropdowns in the Note On/Off and (to some extent) the Control Change actions with entries that describe the articulation triggered by the Stream Deck button.

Create your own articulation/option file

You can create two custom files for potential use for articulation: the ControlChangeOptions.xml for use in the Control Change action and ArticulationOptions.xml for use in the Note On/Off action. The Note On/Off action is better suited for articulation control since it has the Latch button type, but if you don't need that and prefer CC to control articulation, you can use the ControlChangeOptions.xml file for that.

Please see the Option files page for details on creating these files.

Cubase/Nuendo Expression Maps and Logic Pro Articulation Sets

If you use Expression maps in Cubase/Nuendo or Articulation Sets in Logic Pro, you can load those files directly into the Note On/Off action and select the articulation in the dropdown. Since this feature is available only in the Note On/Off action, the Expression Maps and Articulation Sets must be configured to have notes as remote triggers.

You can't do much with Expression Maps and Articulation Sets in the plugin except select them since all configuration is done in Cubase/Nuendo/Logic.

  • Expression Maps are files with the extension .expressionmap and can be stored anywhere. Load it from the same place as where you saved it in Cubase/Nuendo.

  • Articulation Sets are files with the extension .plist and are stored in the folder ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Articulation Settings/

Please note the following about Expression Maps and Articulation Sets:

  • If a question mark precedes an entry in the dropdown list "[?]" it means that the articulation has no key assigned for remote control in the Expression Map/Articulation Set and can not be used.

  • If you make changes to an Expression Map/Articulation Set, you must save the changes to the file. Changes you make will immediately be used by the daw and saved with the project, but the originating file is not updated. The plugin relies on the content in the plist/expressionmap files, and these files aren't updated unless you explicitly update the