Cycle direction images

Cycle buttons in the Control Change and the Program Change actions can display direction indicators, provided that the base image for the button is defined in the translation file, not in the Stream Deck editor. Direction images will be superimposed on the background image and will show if the next button press will cause the button to go up or down, i.e., if it will go to the next or previous entry in the translation list. Paths to the direction images are defined in the translation XML file.





The background image is a static image that will always be the image's base layer. The background image can be global for all steps in the list or defined individually per step.

It is possible to define a direction image covering the whole button (covering the background image). However, you still need a background image in such a case, so the plugin has something to superimpose the direction image on.

Direction indicators

Direction indicators are rendered on the background image. Either the up or the down image is rendered, depending on the current direction of the button.

Some direction images are included with the plugin and can be referenced directly in the plugin folder, e.g.:


Example of final image

This is an example of a final image built from a background image and the Up_Top direction image.

All images must be square, and the size should be 144x144 pixels. The image size can differ, but the images will be resized to 144x144 by the plugin, so having other sizes only adds time for image conversion. Images should be saved in .png format, and the direction indicator images should be fully transparent for parts that are not the active part of the image.

Configuration file

The direction image definitions in the translation file are described here.