Multi Midi Dial configuration.


With the Multi Midi action, you can have four Generic Midi dials in one. Since up to four items will share the display area for the dial, each item has limited space. You can choose to have a fader or a V-Pot in the space available, and if you have a configuration with four V-pots, you can display them side-by-side or in a jagged configuration.

With all sections configured, the editor view is relatively large, but you can minimize/maximize individual sections by clicking the section header. When you minimize/maximize a section for one item, all items will automatically be set to the same state.

The dial will control one function at a time, and to select which function it should control, you tap the fader/V-pot on the display.

  • Tap at the top 30% of an item to select that item and trigger the tap action associated with that item.

  • Tap at the bottom 10% of any item to deselect all items.; this can be handy if you want to "lock" a dial and not accidentally cause any changes.

  • Tap somewhere in between to select that item without triggering the tap action.

The display space for the dial is equally divided among the number of items configured. If only one item is configured (as it will be when you start configuring the dial), the display will be split to accommodate two items; if you only want one item, you should use the Generic Midi action instead.

There is minimal space for titles and values, and the plugin tries to make the best of the situation. For faders, titles and values are superimposed on the fader, and you can hide or move the texts when they collide with the fader handle (or leave them in place). For V-pots in a jagged display, titles are shown in the center of the V-pot and are temporarily replaced with values when the dial is used.

The configuration for each part is the same as for the Generic Midi action, with some minor differences.

  • Due to space limitations, the state icons for press and screen tap are displayed in the same location and are only visible for 1.5 seconds after a dial press or screen tap.

  • The Rotate while pressed action can temporarily give visual feedback while rotating the dial (while being pressed). It can either temporarily "borrow" the Rotate graphics or be displayed with a horizontal bar across the entire dial screen space. The screen will return to the original state 1.5 seconds after you have stopped rotating the dial.

  • There are multiple options for highlighting which item is currently controlled by the dial. You can have a frame around the selected item, highlighted corners, or arrows or bars at the top and bottom. There is also an option to dim all non-selected items to have the selected item stand out. This dimming option can be combined with item highlights for the selected item.

Item selection

In addition to screen tap, multi-dials have a feature where you can quickly select items using the dial. A setting on the Options tab controls the item selection feature. The setting is global (for the dial) and will, in some cases, override settings made for the individual items.

Press the dial for the following item

With this feature enabled, the dial will activate the next item in sequence every time you press the dial. If the currently active item is the last, it will activate the first item. Since this feature will act immediately when you press the dial, it will always override settings for the individual items, which will also be noted on the individual item tabs.

Press/rotate the dial to select an item

With this feature enabled, you will get a "Select item" message on the dial screen when you press the dial and can select an item by rotating the dial.

The timer is a delay before the Select item" message is shown, and it works like this:

  • If you press the dial and rotate it before this time has elapsed, you will activate the active item's ordinary "Rotate while pressed" action.

  • If you press the dial, wait until this time has elapsed and then rotate the dial, you will activate the item selection function.

  • Setting the timer to zero or a very low value will disable the items' ordinary "Rotate while pressed" action, which will also be noted on the individual item tabs.