A note to distributors of profiles based on the plugin

Placement of files is important

If you create profiles with custom images or files and plan to distribute these profiles to other users, you need to take special care where you place the files.

If you create your own icons and use them in the regular icon selection in the editor, everything is fine; the icon files will be included in the exported profile.

If you use files that are selected within the plugin itself (fader/pot images, background images, option files, translation files, articulation files, or Mackie Control files), those files are not packaged as a part of the exported profile but must be delivered together with the profile, and the users must copy them to their computer. The paths to the files are stored in the exported profile, but those paths are absolute paths as defined on your (the creator) computer and may not be present on the target system.

I strongly recommend storing the files in a subfolder to the Documents/Trevliga Spel folder. If the plugin can't find a file, it will check if the path contains the folder Trevliga Spel, and if so, it tries to substitute the initial part of the file path with the path to the Documents folder on the current computer. If the file is successfully found with the new path, that path is saved and used in all future access to the file on the current computer.

So... if you store all files in Documents/Trevliga Spel/... and instruct users to copy the images to the same place on their computers, the plugin will automagically translate all paths, and the files will be found as expected.

  • Mackie Control files must be stored in the folder Documents/Trevliga Spel/MackieLayouts; it's the only place the plugin will look for them.

  • Articulation files and option files must be stored in the folder Documents/Trevliga Spel; it's the only place the plugin will look for them.

  • Other files can be placed wherever you like as long as they are in the Documents/Trevliga Spel/ folder. My suggestion is that you create a subfolder like... Documents/Trevliga Spel/_YourCompanyName_ or something like that to avoid problems with multiple files with the same name.

  • Please note that the folder name is "Trevliga Spel", two words with capital letters and space in-between. I know the name doesn't mean anything to most of you; it's "Nice Games" in Swedish :-)

Background scripts

The primary storage for background scripts is in the global settings, which are not included in an exported profile. If you design a profile package that should include configuration for background scripts, please configure the profile to have one Background Scripts action visible, preferably on the first page, when the profile is imported.

If the plugin finds that the background scripts section in the global settings is in the default configuration (which means exactly as in the image), it will try to recreate the settings from a Background Scripts action if such an action is found. Once the profile is imported and the plugin has found the Background Scripts action, the action can be removed and is no longer needed. If the user has configured background scripts in any way before the profile import, it will not be replaced.