The plugin is installed from Elgato Marketplace. Search plugins for "Midi" or "Trevliga Spel"; the plugin is named "Midi" (not "Midi Button"; that is another plugin).


In Windows, virtual Midi ports might be required to connect the Stream deck with your Daw or other device. If virtual Midi ports are required, loopMIDI (or a similar program) must be installed.

In Mac, virtual Midi ports are configured in the MIDI Studio.

See the Virtual MIDI ports section for details.


Several Midi-related icons are bundled with the plugin and can be used when configuring MIDI actions. The icons are located in the "Extras" folder in the installed plugin folder.

If you prefer to have the icons available in the Icon Library, you can download and install this file.


The plugin has a log file where activities are logged. Under normal circumstances, the logging is rather sparse but can be boosted to show more details when troubleshooting is needed. To enable extended logging, check the checkbox at the bottom of any button. Please note that this checkbox is a global setting that affects all buttons using the Midi plugin.

If you want to report a problem with the plugin, it is a big help if you create a log file as follows and attach it to the bug report.

  1. Enable extended logging by checking the Extended logging checkbox for any button using the Midi plugin.

  2. Quit Stream Deck. (this is important; there are many things I need to see that are only happening when the plugin starts)

    • In Windows: Right-click the Stream Deck icon in the notification area and select "Quit Stream Deck".

    • In macOS: Left-click the Stream Deck icon in the menu bar and select "Quit Stream Deck".

  3. Start Stream Deck again.

  4. Trigger the error situation (...but don't do much else to keep the log file focused on the case).

  5. Attach the log information in the bug report either by attaching the log file or by opening the log file using the View Log button and copying/pasting the log information to the report. (Please include the entire log, not just a section that you think covers the error situation).

  6. Disable extended logging by clearing the Extended logging checkbox for any button using the Midi plugin.

Log file:

  • Windows: "%appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\se.trevligaspel.midi.sdPlugin\pluginlog.txt"

  • Mac: "~/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Plugins/se.trevligaspel.midi.sdPlugin/pluginlog.txt"

Extended logging may have a slight performance impact. Please turn off the extended logging when it is not required (by clearing the checkbox for any Midi button).