Version history

Changes in version 3.10

  • For the faders and V-pots on the Generic Midi and Mackie Control dials, you can switch places for the title and the value.

  • Titles on V-Pots and faders are scaled to fit better in the available space.

  • The default min value for dB files is changed from "-Inf" to "-oo". The displayed text can now be set using the value 0 entry in the dB file.

  • There is a new variable to reference in the title fields for the Mackie control dials. #CHNR1# will display channel numbers in the range 1-8, while #CHNR# uses the range 0-7.

  • Bug fixes.

Changes in versions

  • Bug fixes

    • Bank switch commands for Dial Rotate while pressed did not work as expected.

    • File paths for icons for the Generic Midi dial were not correctly translated when profiles were moved between computers.

Changes in version 3.9.2

  • For the Generic Midi and Mackie Control dials, the left screen tap action is detached from the dial press action and can be configured individually.
  • The Generic Midi dial can send Pitch Bend, Aftertouch and Program Change messages.
  • All dials have a global option to have only a single section open at a time.
  • A Midi state restore option is added, allowing the state of all buttons and dials on plugin startup to be restored to the state they were in when the plugin was last shut down.
  • The "Background Scripts" action has been changed to a "Global settings" action, and background scripts are now a tab in that action, along with settings for Mackie Control and the new Midi state restore feature.

Changes in version 3.8.1

  • Bug fixes

    • String variable events weren't handled correctly.

    • The wrong command was sent for "Fader Touch" for the selected channel.

    • The "Active span" dropdown for CC V-Pot buttons wasn't displayed.

    • CC Cycle buttons didn't maintain their value between pages.

    • The "Rotate while pressed" action for the Generic Midi dial now handles translation files correctly.

  • Additions

    • A dB file for Cakewalk is added.

    • New reference variables that keep the current row, column and unique ID for the button/dial.

Changes in version 3.8

  • The Control Change button can now set state solely based on the On and Off values and ignore all other values.

  • The script button can now receive Sysex and handle text strings as parts of sysex messages.

  • The script button can now store strings in variables.

  • Bug fixes.

    • The "Previous/Next selected channel" did not work for the Mackie Control dial.

    • The "Display Mute state" checkbox was not visible for item 1 in the Multi Mackie dial.

Changes in version 3.7.1

  • This is a bug-fix release.

    • A problem with the VPot button graphics has been corrected.

    • A problem where the Generic Midi dials Midi out port dropdown was populated with input ports is corrected.

    • A memory leak is corrected.

    • Version 3.7 could, in rare situations, fail to start after an uninstall/reinstall procedure; this is corrected in this version.

    • The stability of the global settings rebuild after an uninstall/reinstall procedure is enhanced.

Changes in version 3.7

  • New key images.

  • A new feature where scripts can be run in the background and be active regardless of which page or profile is loaded.

  • Scripts can handle PitchBend (pb) events and actions.

  • A "*" can be used in script events as an alternative to a value range for all values.

Changes in version 3.6.1

  • Fixed a problem where V-pot images were missing on Mackie Control buttons.

Changes in version 3.6

  • Fixed a problem where Previous/Next channel didn't work as expected on Mac.

  • Fixed a problem in the Multi dial where a title could not be fully removed.

  • Fixed a problem where cycle files weren't handled correctly.

  • Added a feature to select a channel by pressing/rotating the Mackie dial.

  • Added a feature to select an item by pressing/rotating a Multi dial.

  • Added a feature to step to the next item by pressing a Multi dial.

Changes in version 3.5.3

  • Potentially breaking change (macOS only)
    A bug in the Midi driver used by the plugin could, in some rare cases, cause port names to be truncated. If the port name ended with a digit that coincided with the port's ordinal number in the port list, the digit was removed by the Midi driver.

    Example: If you had two ports named "port 1" and "port 2", and those two ports happened to be the first two ports in the port list, they would both be displayed as "port", and you could only use the first port. This is now corrected, and all ports are displayed with their correct names.

    If you had connected to such a truncated port name, it will now be listed as "Not found", and you need to connect to the now corrected port name.

  • Fixed a problem where the plugin failed to start on systems with missing name resolution for "localhost".

  • Fixed a problem where icon images for press and tap icons were not correctly displayed in the editor.

  • Fixed a problem where the Control Change button crashed when loading a very old profile.

  • Added an option for "send fader touch" on Mackie dials.

Changes in version

  • Fixes a bug in Mackie Control where the Midi port assignment could be lost.

  • A dB file for Reaper is added.

Changes in version 3.5.2

  • The Control Change fader and Vpot actions have min/max values.

  • The Script Sysex action can take variable references.

  • The Script button now has a "key" action that sends keystrokes to the active window.

  • Bug fixes, primarily for the Previous/Next Channel functionality in the Mackie Control button and dial.

Changes in version 3.5.1

  • The state management for the Note On/Off action, which got somewhat mangled by the 3.5 update, is fixed.

  • The Sysex Toggle button didn't send message 2. This is now fixed.

  • Support for Channel Pressure messages is added to the Script button.

  • Support for advanced math expressions is added to the Script button, and the documentation is updated to show available math functions.

  • An option to send only MSB or LSB for bank select is added.

  • The loading page is less intrusive.

  • Bug fixes.

Changes in version 3.5

This is a significant update with internal code cleaning and redesign to make the plugin easier to maintain. In addition, many new features have been added.

  • NRPN support is added to the buttons and dials that handle Control Change (since NRPN is CC messages). NRPN support is also added to the Script button.

  • The Script button has a larger script area, which can be resized.

  • Multi Midi and Multi Mackie dials now have graphical display options for "Rotate while pressed".

  • The Generic Midi and the Mackie Control dials have a screen tap action that can have an associated icon displayed on the right side of the screen area (for the dial). Tapping the right side of the screen area will trigger the tap action. Tapping the left side of the screen area will trigger the press action (this was previously only triggered by tapping the icon).

  • The Multi Midi and Multi Mackie dials have a screen tap action that can be triggered by tapping the top third of the item.

  • The Multi Midi and Multi Mackie dials can show state icons for the press and tap actions. The state icons will be displayed for 1.5 seconds after a dial press or screen tap.

  • All four dials will display the selected icons on the icon selection buttons, so it's easy to see which icons are selected.

  • Mackie Control and Multi Mackie dials showing faders can indicate the mute state using the fader graphics, either by colorizing the fader handle or by using predefined mute-state graphics in the selected fader design.

  • For all dials, the sections in the editor can be minimized and maximized by clicking the section header.

  • When using "Rotate while pressed", it is easy to inadvertently trigger a normal "Rotate" action when you let go of the dial. To counteract this, there is now a 200 ms timer after the dial has been released, during which "Rotate" events are ignored.

  • A "loading page" is displayed while the plugin is loading (visible, e.g. if you open a button/dial in the editor while the Stream Deck software starts). If the plugin crashes, this page will be displayed instead of the ordinary page. The state of the plugin is checked every time a button or dial is opened in the editor, and you may see this page flash very briefly before the correct page is loaded.

  • The complete internal Midi interface (how the plugin sends and receives Midi data) is redesigned.

  • Plugin operations are now much more in parallel rather than serial (multi-threading for you tech nerds out there). I don't expect this to be very noticeable, but it may make things smoother when switching profiles or when the plugin is under heavy load.

  • The plugin is now solely responsible for the button states. Previously, the Stream Deck software switched the button state automatically when you pressed the button, and the plugin had to counteract it if the resulting state was wrong. This tug-of-war could sometimes make the images flash temporarily when you press the button. The Stream Deck software is now blocked from changing the button state, and the plugin can set the correct state without fighting the Stream Deck software.

  • Global settings (e.g., midi port info for Mackie buttons) are stored "somewhere" by the Stream Deck software, but this storage is deleted when you uninstall the plugin. The plugin stores a backup copy of the global settings as a file not to lose data if you uninstall/reinstall the plugin. This file was created in the Documents/Trevliga Spel folder, which some Mac users meant was the wrong location for such a file. For Mac, this file is now moved to the Application Support folder. For Windows, the file is still in the Trevliga Spel folder.

  • Packages (e.g., the Stream Deck SDK) are updated to the latest versions.

  • Bug fixes.

Changes in versions 3.3.1 - 3.3.2

  • Bug fixes for the "Selected Channel" buttons that didn't work in version 3.3.0.

Changes in version 3.3.0

  • A new design for the Multi Midi and Multi Mackie dial actions where the items are defined in tabs instead of section dropdowns.

  • Variable step size for dial actions. Instead of defining a fixed step size, you can now set step size=0, giving a behavior where you make minor adjustments if you turn the dial slowly and accelerated adjustments if you turn the dial fast.

  • A fix to bypass the problems caused by V6.1 of the Stream Deck software.

  • Bug fixes.

Changes in version 3.2.0

  • A new Mackie Control dial action.

  • A new Multi Mackie dial action where you can have up to four Mackie Control actions on one dial.

  • Some new options for indicating the selected item in dial multi actions.

  • Some new and changed fader designs.

  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.1.0

  • Buttons

    • The Script button {state:x} action can now reference a variable for the state.

    • Some bug fixes for the Script button and for the Mackie Control button.

  • Dials

    • A new Multi Midi action where you can have up to four Generic Midi actions on one dial.

    • Titles can be used.

    • Texts can be colorized.

    • The Generic Midi dial can use translation files for display values.

    • The Generic Midi dial can have an endless dial sending different commands on clockwise/counterclockwise movements.

    • Bug fixes.

Version 3.0.0

Stream Deck + support.

The multi-event and variables script features are no longer "experimental"; I have not received any feedback that causes things to change.