Midi overview

In order for midi communication between StreamDeck and Nuendo to work, two things are required (apart from the StreamDeck plugin itself):

  1. A third party software that act as virtual midi cables between StreamDeck and Nuendo.
  2. Configuration of "Generic Remote Device" in Nuendo.
  3. There are several programs that can act as virtual midi cables but the one recommended is "loopMIDI" (see details in the "Virtual Midi Ports" section)

    Configuration of Nuendo Generic Remote is pretty straight-forward as soon as you get the hang of it. To get a kick start, a template is shipped with this plugin (see details in the "Nuendo Setup" section).

    Nuendo integration

    The plugin automatically integrate with Nuendo in real time. Any addition/removal of commands in Nuendo Generic Remote configuration will immediately be reflected in the Command dropdown in the plugin. The plugin will immediately adapt if the configuration of a command already used in the plugin is changed. There is no need to restart or refresh the plugin in order to make changes in Nuendo visible and used.

    Information flows both ways between Nuendo and StreamDeck if the Generic Remote configuration says "Receive/Transmit".